Tips to Choose the Appropriate Size of Rings

Rings have already not just for marriage and engagement. When open girls and women’ jewelry box, all kind of jewelry are there, of course, including various rings such as finger rings, nail rings, decorative rings, marriage rings and so on. But, there is a common phenomenon that they always be hesitant to stop at jewelry store for choosing to the ring size of rings because there are many factors to affect the size. In this case, it is pretty important to know some tips to choose the appropriate size while buying rings.

nail ringsnail ringsnail rings

Tip 1. Circumference measurement
Using a slender little piece of paper or silk to wrap around a circle on finger that wants to wear ring, make a mark on interface, then use the ruler to measure the length. According to the circumference, you can find you own ring size.

nail ringsnail ringsnail rings

Tip 2. Refer to the old ring
If you just don’t know the specific size, but have the right size ring, it might as well use the old ring directly. Put the old ring on paper, draw a line along the inner circle, then you can get the right size.

nail ringsnail ringsnail rings

Tip 3. Authority measurement on jewelry store
Even if you buy a gold lord of the rings online, you can go to the jewelry store if the time permits. Try on different size of the rings, you can find the most suitable size.

Gold Lord of the RingsGold Lord of the RingsGold Lord of the Rings


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