To Learn the Methods of Jewelry Collocation from Fashion Bloggers

Nowadays, more and more fashion bloggers are willing to share their tips and methods about jewelry collocation with others. It is sure that we can learn many knowledge from them if we focus on their blogs. Today, our final task is to know how they go well with their fashion necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings when pursue a fresh, literary or cool style.

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First, look at the California fashion blogger, Amy Song. Undoubtedly, ripped jean is one of the essential items to wear in summer, but why can’t you wear out the style you want? Amy tells you that only if you make an ingenious collocation on jewelry can you draw much attention. Her method is to add as much as rings on rings, which looks incredibly fresh and charming under the strong sunlight.

Amy Song's jewelry collocation Amy Song's jewelry collocation Amy Song's jewelry collocation  jewelry collocation  jewelry collocation

Second, look at the other side of Australian fashion blogger, Elle-May Leckenby, who is the literary representative to bring clear direction of matching jewelry. She says that, if you love to wear white and long dress, a small silver bracelet is your optimal collocation; if you take a fancy to vintage wearings, do get the classic heart pipe charm necklace to make you look more retro and charming.

 jewelry collocation  jewelry collocation  jewelry collocation  jewelry collocation

More other perfect jewelry collocations are waiting for you to share with us here.

fashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelry


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