Top Jewelry Producing Areas that Jewelry Fans Should Know

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The requirement of the jewelry is differ from person to person, it is truth. As for us, maybe a Heart Rhinestone Bridal Anklet will suit us more than the jewelry cost hundreds and thousands. Perhaps the most expensive jewelry we own is the wedding jewelry during the wedding ceremony. But the high-end jewelry and diamonds is necessary for a plenty of public character. As it is known to us, the origin place of jewelry might play an important role on the value of the jewelry which will be marked into the colorful Jewelry and Grant, thus it can be seen how important the jewelry producing areas! Serve as a jewelry fan; you had to know the entire origin place for jewelry beside those popular places.

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Burma is located on the Southeast Asia, the strong geological activity in the ancient time has created the status of country teem with jewelry. Both the royal blue in the sapphire and the hi-end in the ruby are from Burma. It is worth mentioning that the national stone of Burma is ruby. In additional, the spinel, tourmaline, olivine and so on are produced by Burma too.
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Believe it or not, Brazil is the biggest jewelry produce areas in the world, there are a great number of jewelry which are produced in Brazil and it is on high quality, such as crystal, tourmaline, topaz, aquamarine and emerald. Above all, there is a mysterious tourmaline with electricity light which is regarded as the king of the tourmaline. It is so beautiful and even in the price of several thousand US dollars per karat, supply also falls short of demand.
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Madagascar Island is seated on the south of the Indian Ocean, with abundant resources of animal and plant. Almost all of the colorful jewelry can be seen on the Island, including emerald, ruby, beryl, tourmaline, garnet and even the opal, has everything that one expects to find. Although not a few of mine lot be found late, Madagascar Island becomes a new jewelry produce area remained unaffected.
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Columbia has been the pronoun of the emerald, it produce the high quality emerald nearly occupy the half of the world. The emeralds full of color are attracted people all round the world. However, you should pay more attention when you are in the mine lot by the helicopter, as the society of Columbia is unrest. But if you want to find more fashion jewelry, Columbia may be the place you deserve to go.


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