Two Kinds of Pieces to Embellish Your Beach

Almost everyone in the spring and summer months look forward to sporting a new pedicure and a flashy pair of sandals in daily life. You know why the sandals are so hot and popular? Yes, wearing it has so much benefit for you. On the one hand, it’s convenient for you to wear. On the other hand, it can give a space for your feet to take a breath, which can reduce the possibility of having smelly feet. In this summer, you also need to purchase a sandal to your shoes cabinet. In order to embellish, you ought to add in a toe ring to the ensemble and you end up with a fabulous and fun look.

women with sandal women with sandal women with sandal women with sandal

Believe it or not there is history stating that toe rings are used as marital symbolism in some cultures and have been for a long time. There are many designs and styles available for you to choose from today than there where back then. Toe rings are a part of every women’s or girls’ summer attire, in different colors, styles and ornamental designs. In addition, the history of toe rings got their start in India as a marriage symbolism. But nowadays, you can wear silver carving toe rings wherever and whenever, even you haven’t got married. In my opinion, the toe rings is the best choice for you when you are planning to go to beach. Sometimes, you don’t need to wear the shoes in the beach, just walk with barefoot. In this moment, wearing the toes rings can make you become eye-catching in the crowd.

toe rings toe rings toe rings toe rings toe rings toe rings toe rings

What’s more, you can also add some other body jewelry like back chain and peach heart waist chain to decorate. It’s also a good piece for you to possess when go to the beach.

peach heart  waist chain peach heart  waist chain


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