Which Types of Earrings are Suitable for You

Actually it is not easy to find a pair of earrings which is good enough and suitable for your face shape. It is depressing that there are always something that is not quite right. Because we just know the earrings look so beautiful and really want to wear them without thinking whether they can work well with you face shape. Here are some tips you can’t miss to help you minimize your frustration and select the right earrings for you.

Women JewelryWomen JewelryWomen JewelryWomen JewelryWomen JewelryWomen Jewelry

Earrings are an indispensable form of women jewelry. But you should remember that the shapes of your earrings are needy to make a balance with the shape of your face. If you have a rectangular face, you are required to wear drop earrings and round shape hoops to make a perfect look and the same as the oval face. Lucky you, if you have a heart shape face, you can feel free to go with everything if you like and the same as the people who with square shape face. Studs earrings can bring out your face while remaining discreet, those kinds of earrings can achieve attractive look for most of women. However, you should make sure you are wearing the right size earrings which is not larger than 1/4 of your face.

Women Jewelry
Women JewelryWomen JewelryWomen JewelryWomen JewelryWomen Jewelry

What’s more, small women and face with a short neck is not a wise choice to select large creoles or bulky and long earrings. They will not only unfit for you but also shorten your silhouette. Never wear earrings longer than your jaw.

Women Jewelry
Last but not least, if you have a smart short hair, it’s a good choice for you to choose drop earrings, long creoles. And you should choose small loops, studs, small dangles if you have a long and mid-length hair.

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