Unique Rings Bring Me Pleasant Mood on the Trip

I am fond of traveling as I think staying at home is very boring. Not only can traveling broaden our eyes, but also we can collect some special travel souvenirs on the trip. For me, I like collecting various ornaments especially all kinds of rings. I am used to appreciating different style of rings, but I can’t afford to them when I was still a student in school. Now I can do many things I like by my salary, so I often think life is interesting if you are good at enjoying it!

V Shape Knuckle RingV Shape Knuckle Ring

V Shape Knuckle RingV Shape Knuckle Ring

Let me gossip about my ring darlings, most of which are bought on my trip to different places. If you ask me which one is the most unique, my answer must be the V Shape Knuckle Ring. In fact, its modeling is quite simple. What I really appreciate is the obvious V shape, which is the symbol of victory because it originates from the first letter of this word. When I wear it on my finger, I would remind myself that I deserve to keep passion every day to lead a confident life.

DIY Handwork Metal RingDIY Handwork Metal Ring

DIY Handwork Metal RingDIY Handwork Metal Ring

I also like the DIY Handwork Metal Ring very much, which is brought from Paris to my town. As we all know, French is considered the most romantic people in the world. Admittedly, France is full of flavors, bring you a sense of romance and comfort. The ring is made by myself in a French craft shop with the help of a professional craft maker. Of course, its modeling is simple but I think it is not easy to be tired of at all. More importantly, wearing an ornament made by myself is a special thing making me proud very much.

V Shape Knuckle RingV Shape Knuckle Ring

Do you have some travel souvenirs like me? My interest is to collect a wide variety of rings on a trip. They bring me pleasant mood, enriching my journey perfectly! Dear friends, what about you?



I'm working in a jewelry company, which makes me keep close contact with various jewelry everyday. There is no doubt that jewelry contributes to adding women's elegant temperament and meeting their vanity to a certain extent. Follow me to enjoy the jewelry carnival!

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