Unique Skill for Broad Shoulders Bridal to Choose Jewelry and Dress

Everyone would like to appear perfect during the big day, but not every bride is so lucky to born with the ideal body shape. As for the brides whose shoulders are a little wider should really think highly of choosing both the wedding gown and wedding jewelry! If you choose the dress and accessories which are not suitable for you, it will act reaction. Take over the sleeves lengths, colors, pattern and collar so as to choose the fit well shoulder wide for you and accent your slim body shape.

 wedding jewelry  wedding jewelry  wedding jewelry  wedding jewelry

1.If you are fond of the dress with small pattern, then stick to the wide collar should be necessary, as the very tight spots or small flowers pattern would be fancy and chic so as won’t make your shoulders strong, on the contrary, the small neck will highlight your ratio of top. With that said, make full use of the big V-neck design, show of the space of your neck, in order to balance the shoulders line!

 wedding jewelry  wedding jewelry

2.U type collar wedding gown especially the deep U neck is another best choice to shrink your wide shoulders. When you put on your U neck wedding gown, you will be amazed to find your neck become slim and your shoulders is not that wide than before!

 wedding jewelry  wedding jewelry  wedding jewelry

3.There is no denying that the collar is key point for the beautiful women with wide shoulders, it is the most effective place to the shoulder lines. The big V-neck is the perfect choice for wide shoulders beautiful women, due to that the V-neck could extend your visual and hide your wide shoulders’ shortcoming skillfully!

 wedding jewelry  wedding jewelry

After having chosen the perfect wedding gown, let’s coming back to the accessories, beyond all question, the above wedding gown give you the perfect chance to show off your necklaces, but it doesn’t mean you must go with the bracelet, sometimes a piece of Austrian Crystal Heart Bracelet work well as well.


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