Use Mixed Wood Loose Beads to DIY a Bracelet for Families

Mixed Wood Loose BeadsIt is well known that the second Sunday of May is Mother’s day. I always keep the special festival in my mind as it’s the exclusive date for our great mother. In the past years, my mother has paid a lot for me during the process of my growth. Although I can’t do anything great for her, I deserve to give her something as return in such a meaningful festival.

Mixed Wood Loose BeadsMixed Wood Loose Beads

Mixed Wood Loose BeadsMixed Wood Loose Beads

Therefore, I am thinking which present is more suitable to be prepared for my mother all the time. Latter, A friend of mine suggests me to DIY a bracelet with Mixed Wood Loose Beads, which seems more considerate than other things. I accept the advice at once, deciding to make a delicate bracelet on my own.

Mixed Wood Loose BeadsMixed Wood Loose BeadsMixed Wood Loose Beads

First, I buy all the materials from a wholesale jewelry market recommended by my friend. Each bead is printed different picture, which looks a little retro. I touch the wooden beads, finding the surface is so smooth. I imagine that after these beads are strung on a thread, it is bound to be very vintage and unique. What style my mother appreciates is just retro and artistic one. Then the making process is conducted.

Women JewelryWomen Jewelry
After completing, I store the meaningful Women Jewelry in a velvet jewelry box, waiting for the coming of Mother’s Day. I think in daily life most of us are shy to say out “I love you” to our families. However, one day when you are far away from them due to work or marriage, you would miss them very much. Be grateful to your families and learn to love them more considerately, just begin from making a bracelet for them.

Choosing: Mixed Wood Loose Beads to make Women Jewelry


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