Use Rubber Bracelet Making Kit to Make Colorful Bracelets

Have you ever tried to make some ornaments for yourself? If you ever do that, you would experience the joy of DIY. You can image that your friends speak highly of your bracelet made by yourself owing to the exquisite workmanship, which can meet your vanity to a certain degree. After all, wearing something handmade is proud and special. The latest product Rubber Bracelet Making Kit can be a wise option for you because it can make all kinds of colorful bracelets.

Rubber Bracelet Making Kit

The Rubber Bracelet Making Kit contains a series of tools. To make a simple rubber band bracelet, please have loom, hook, rubber band and c-clip ready. Now let’s learn how to complete a perfect bracelet together. Read the following steps:

Rubber Bracelet Making KitRubber Bracelet Making KitRubber Bracelet Making KitRubber Bracelet Making Kit

First, start by placing the first rubber band from the first pin of the loom onto the second pin of the loom.

Second, place another rubber band from the second pin of the loom onto the third pin…continue until the last pin.

Third, when finish placing the rubber bands on the pin, use hook to lift the bottom rubber band of the second pin and loop onto the third pin.

Fourth, the bottom rubber band of the third pin is then looped using the hook onto the fourth pin. Continue until the end of the loom.

Fifth, lift the last rubber band and secure using the c-clip to the first rubber band.

Rubber Bracelet Making Kit

Now proudly enjoy wearing your self-made rubber band bracelet. As long as you follow the same process above to make the rest of bracelets, you can obtain many beautiful hand decorations. Although they are cheap jewelry, they bring you pleasant mood and bright color for your daily life.

Rubber Bracelet Making Kit

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