Vintage Dragon Ear Cuff: Innovative Wearing in winter

ear cuff jewelry vintage dragon ear cuff

Everyone would like to wear in the creative way in the fall and winter, but it doesn’t mean you have to take great pains to buy a great number of fashion items in the shop. There is no necessary for you to put on so many accessories, as long as adding a piece of ear cuff jewelry, ring, or the bracelet is enough to accent your whole appearance. Take note of the following details so as to improve the usage rate of your outfit.

ear cuff jewelryear cuff jewelryear cuff jewelry

The sequins accessories: match the sequins skirt in dark color with the knitwear, this style of collocation is suitable well for attending the part as well as the office. You should notice that don’t appear so overstaffed just because of the winter so that you won’t lost the gentlewoman as summer. As a matter of fact, the detail like earrings, red lip and the middle length heels, all of those decide whether you have the lady temperament or not.

ear cuff jewelry ear cuff jewelry ear cuff jewelry

With the result that, vintage dragon ear cuff is seen as a good idea to highlight your outfit. Especially when you are willing to wear the jacket and match with the cool jean as well as the type boots, the special dragon patterns earrings are not only give an expression of elegant but also make you appear cool.

ear cuff jewelry how-to-wear-ear-cuff-trend-03vintage dragon ear cuff


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