How to Wear Choker Fashionably in a Different Way?

Since the popularity of chokers last year, chokers has been enjoying people’s preference. Famous celebrities, top model, fashion icon and even common people are constantly joining the line of wearing chokers. When you are walking on the street, you may find it easy to catch a girl who is wearing a choker. Fashion belongs to everyone. Every can wear a choker. However, how can you wear a choker fashionably in a different way? It may be not an easy thing for you. But I think some fashion tips of me perhaps can help you. Let me show them for you.

On the market, most of chokers are one-piece design with a pendant which is made of rhinestone or metal. This is the first impression that chokers give to us. Actually, apart from chokers of this style, we can also choose a crystal choker necklace set which is included one choker and one necklace as it is shown in the picture. Wearing a choker simply can make your dressing look fashion but it may be very difficult for you to stand out in the group where everyone wear like it. However, the adding of necklace highlight your sexy clavicle, which lifts your fashion style to a higher stage. I think if you wan something different, you can try it. And you can also choose to buy a long necklace to combine it with your own choker according to your preference so you do not need to buy a set.

crystal choker necklaceBesides, to wear choker fashionably in a outstanding way, you can also choose to try a choker like the Elegant Butterfly Jewelry Set shown in the picture. It is similar to the one I mentioned above. But if you have a careful look at it, you may find the necklace of this set is totally different because it is shorter than the one that I mentioned above. The elegant butterfly jewelry set comprises of a choke set and a pair of earrings. Butterfly design make you look sweet so it is not related to the cool fashion style but related to the sweet girl style. If you want try to wear a choker in a sweet way, it deserves your try. What’s more, the butterfly choker with butterfly earring can keep you away from the situation of choosing earrings to match your choker. So it can not only make your look beautiful differently but also bring you convenience.

Elegant Butterfly Jewelry SetLastly, to wear a choker fashionably in a different way, you can also choose a choker necklace. Actually, choker necklace has been popular since the Victoria era. For example, Dulba choker which the Princess Diana also worn before may be known to you. But here I don’t recommend this to you because it is more suitable for formal occasion. The Y Necklace Choker shown in the following picture may be good choice for you. This choker necklace is made by metal, which is distinguished from the traditional choker. What’s more, the design make it look more simple especially the long necklace design make you look slim.

Y Necklace Choker


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