How to Wear a Choker Fashionably?

Since the emerge of choker last year, it has became the most popular necklace in the fashion circle. Fashion man, ranging from movie stars to fashion icons , are adding into the line of wearing choker.  By now, it stil keep its popularization in the fashion world. However, wearing a choker fashionably may not be an easy thing. If you wear it unproperly, it may make your look like a non-mainstream man. So today, I want to share some tips on how to wear a choker fashionably to you.

Choker + low neckline dress

Generally speaking, choker is more suitabe to match wtih low neckline clothes. A V-neck dress may look empty without any adornment on the neck. But if you wear a simple Lace Choker Necklace, which can satisfy your need of comfortableness and beauty, showing your street fashion in summer.

Choker + T-shirt

There is nothing more comfortable than wearing T-shirt in summer. If you don’t have a slim neck, you can choose a slim choker and a fine metal necklace to match with a larger round neck T-shirt, which can avoid showing your round face, making it easy to create a fashion look. V-neck T-shirt is also a better choice for you because it is usually lower collar, which is easier to match than the round neck T-shirt.

Choker + off-shoulder clothes

Off-shoulder clothes is also the items that can not be lack in the wardrobe in summer. We can say that one-shoulder may be the best parner of the choker. Wearing a off-shoulder garment may may make your neck look empty, but you match it with a choker or a gold choker collar necklace, which can keep a balance. Matching it with different kinds of choker, you can gain different kinds of fashion.

off-shoulder + choker


Harness is also the good match with choker because its collar is aslo very low. Matching it with a choker or with a combination with a cheap choker necklace and a necklace can be a good choice, creating a sense of hierarchy, which look simple and fashionable.

Choker + shirt

If you want to be sexy but not want to be too swaggering. I think you can choose a shirt with a choker. When you try this match, you should unlock the top two button of your shirt and then match it with a smaller choker, which is easy to make you look sexy and fasionable.

Follow these tips, you can also become a fashion icon.


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