Wearing Jewelry is Good for Your Health?

Women Jewelry

Actually the relationship between the women and the jewelry just as the relationship between men and cigarette and is always together. The only distinguish is the smoking is bad for your health while choosing the right jewelry it is more likely to have a healthier body. As for women, owning the following four kinds of women jewelry in your jewelry box are never a bad ideas.

Women JewelryWomen Jewelry Women Jewelry Women Jewelry Women JewelryWomen Jewelry

Wedding rings: some people call it the booster of the human hormones, actually it is not surd . According to the experts of the Japan, there is a main and collateral channels on the third finger call triple energize meridian which is the main channel for adjust the hormones of the body. Thus, wear a ring on the third finger can massage and stimulate this channel.

Women JewelryWomen Jewelry Women Jewelry Women Jewelry Women Jewelry

What about the silver earrings, it is the only jewelry with the effect of sterilizing and is expensive than the other metal jewelry. Wearing the silver earrings is good for cure as well as preventing hypopsia. That is because there are acupoint on the ear and the piercing and wearing earrings can also stimulate the ear so as to get the effect of preventing the eyes diseases.

Women Jewelry
The pearl drop earrings and the necklaces: the pearls with some special element, many of which are especially good to the skin. What’s the most important? It can prevent hyperthyroidism, chronic pharyngitis and so on.


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