The Witch of Harry Potter Tell You How to Wear with Goddess Temperament


pendant necklaces

The coexistence of wise and beauty goddess in “Harry Potter” – Emma Watson has graduated from college. There are combinations of modern fashion and classical elegance showed on her, wearing the aura outfit, even though she won’t add too much jewelry to accent, she can show her elegance well. The minimalism is the rule of Emma, let’s learn from her how to use the simple jewelry and accent the temperament of goddess.

ear cuff jewelryear cuff jewelry ear cuff jewelryear cuff jewelryear cuff jewelry

Emma has attended the graduated celebration of the Brown University; it shows her young very much when wearing the brownness baccalaureate gown with only a tail ring on her left hand. The delicate design of this MARIA BLACK gold diamond ring is from the Denmark designer which is made of 18K gold, simple but powerful.

ear cuff jewelry


Emma Watson has attended the propaganda for “The Bling Ring”, wearing a black cloth and match with diamonds ear cuff jewelry. The Sophie Bile Brahe is determined to change the definition of modern luxury for advance guard jewelry. This style of single earring is made of 18K gold and 0.06 karat diamond. You can wear in single or combine with the simple stub.

ear cuff jewelry


A pretty short hair matches with Ava Rond stubs and pendant necklaces in the same time of showing elegant and sweet.

pendant necklaces

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