Wonderful Couple Rings Sent by my Friends Review by Irene

Several days ago, my friend Tracy calls me on the phone with agitation so as to tell me the good news of she falls in love with a boy! Once I heard that I feel exciting and delight more than I can say, I have been looked forward to this moment for a long time, as she has been my best friends since we are little girls and we are after each other like shadows. From then on, we are four could get together or go traveling!

heart couple rings heart couple rings heart couple rings

Tracy has a very sentimental relationship with jewelry and she is fond of collecting different kinds of jewelry and she wears few pieces but wears them all the time! If you step into her room, you will find the sparkle jewelry here and there on her room which set out with different delicate jewelry case, it is very spectacular. This time she purchased two styles of couple rings online, heart couple rings is for me and my boyfriend and the other one 925 Silver Twisted Couple Rings are for herself and her boyfriend! They are in simple style but show well the love of us and meaningful. I always have a good opinion of her, because she can buy the cheap and beautiful goods online all the time!

925 Silver Twisted Couple Ring925 Silver Twisted Couple Ring 925 Silver Twisted Couple Ring

The next day, we set out to the countryside near our city for a wonderful trip. I mixed edgy and classic with leather leggings and a trench coat as well as accenting with the heart couple rings which highlight the common outfit to be stylish and go happily for trip. It was a day that I have long for a long time!

heart couple rings heart couple rings925 Silver Twisted Couple Ring


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