Yueyin jewelry: The Home of Women Ornaments

Jewelry is of so many kinds and of different brands, but out of these numerous choices, “Yueyin jewelry is one of a kind”. Yueyin jewelry is a special jewelry made in the Philippines, finely designed with specifications to suit its beauty. Like every other jewelry, Yueyin jewelry is well decorated, but what stands out is its uniqueness in design and structure. Its designs range from a large variety of specifications and materials, some are designed with gems, some plainly designed with sophisticated and unique concepts, others with unique pendants. Yueyin jewelry designs also have unique coatings, either silver plated, gold plated, mixed coated plating. Yueyin jewelry is of different kinds and types. Some of them are:

yueyin jewelry

Yueyin 925 silver Sterling wedding ring; an elegant finger ring finely designed, silver plated, weighing approximately 3.8 grams, made from zirconia, 925 Sterling silver, with different ring sizes from 6 through 9, with its price not really on the high side”.

yueyin jewelry

“Yueyin anklet bell pendant foot chain jewelry silver plated; with a stylistic trendy style, an anklet for women, silver colored, with a weight of about 5.5 grams, made with zinc alloy material silver plated, it has a specification of approximately 10 cm + 20 cm in lengths”.


yueyin jewelry

“Yueyin women bracelets with silver plated waving circle design; it’s a simply styled bracelet, with silver plating, with an intrinsic silver color, weighing closely 17.2 grams, with a parameter specifications of 7.87 inches and approximately 20 cm”.

yueyin jewelry

Yueyin jewelry designs are inexhaustible and remain unique at all times, a jewelry every woman wants at just glaring at the overwhelming beauty. It’s like a must possess for every woman. “Yueyin jewelry is a home of women ornaments”.



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